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Controlling users and access rights
SAP Basis is the foundation of every SAP system. On this page you can find out what is behind the term and what SAP Basis is responsible for in detail.

In order to meet the growing integration and coordination between internal IT departments and external service providers and suppliers, it is necessary to include a company-wide interface department in the IT organisation. The SAP basis can assume the coordination role and interface function in the environment of SAP products and technologies.
SAP Basis represents the cornerstone of the SAP system, i.e. the foundation without which the system cannot function. Furthermore, it includes some administration tools and middleware programs. These programs can be used with the help of SAP Basis independently of the operating system and database used.

Although you always make sure that authorization roles are generated when administering them, it happens again and again that there are red lights in the user assignment in the production systems. Have you considered user matching?

For administrators, a useful product - "Shortcut for SAP Systems" - is available in the SAP basis area.

After all, each SAP Basis expert sees different transactions as important.

If you want to get more information about SAP basis, visit the website

During the recording, you may get into the modification comparison (SPDD, SPAU).
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