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Security management, system audits, hardening and monitoring
SCC9 Client copy - copying a client
Automatic error handling when a job is aborted is desirable and useful in most cases. The conscious processing and consideration of error situations in job chains - also at step level - can help to reduce manual effort. Error situations should be catchable: If they are non-critical elements, the following job can perhaps be started anyway. In the case of critical errors, a new attempt should be made or an alert issued so that an administrator can intervene manually. Simple batch jobs are usually not capable of this. The goal of an automated environment is not to have to react manually to every faulty job.

SAP Basis is structured as a classic three-tier model. It contains the following components:
Conceptual support for the architecture of system landscapes
If all financial and sales activities as well as production, logistics and the personnel administrators run via one system, measures must be taken to ensure reliable functioning on the one hand and to protect the system internally and externally on the other. Due to the long history, the increased availability requirements often do not match the actual protection measures, so that security risks often arise at this point.

Entry-level employees earn just under 40,000 euros per year. An employee with significant professional experience can look forward to around 90,000 euros. The average salary is 60,000 euros. However, these sums can vary depending on the company and location. The size of the respective company is also essential.

The "Shortcut for SAP Systems" tool is ideal for doing many tasks in the SAP basis more easily and quickly.

It includes three layers: database, application and presentation.

The website offers many useful information about SAP basis.

Therefore, it is recommended to start thinking about how your company is prepared for security automation.
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