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SUIM User information system
Differentiation from SAP ABAP
SAP Basis is the foundation of every SAP system. This page explains what is behind the term and what SAP Basis is responsible for in detail.

Faster problem solutions: With an SAP service provider, you usually get faster solutions to problems that arise. With years of experience, experts can draw on a pool of solutions and know what is most efficient and best in each situation.
To evaluate the log files, please use transaction RSAU_READ_LOG. If you archive the security audit log files you can read them using transaction RSAU_READ_ARC.

SWPM - the Software Provisioning Manager integrates the classical tools like sapinst, ehpup, etc. for the maintenance/installation of SAP systems.

With "Shortcut for SAP Systems" a tool is available that greatly facilitates some tasks in the SAP basis.

The transport job can be removed either manually or through a job.

Some useful tips about SAP basis can be found on

The later you discover a risk, the more expensive the fix will be.
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