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Clarification and preparation of measures for the use of the Security Audit Log
Then go back to the Permissions tab to generate the current profile of the permission objects. Once you have completed these steps and secured the role, it has the necessary Fiori permissions to launch the OData service-related application.

In order to have some advantage in terms of new SAP technologies, suitable PoCs (Proof of Concepts), research and pilot projects must be initiated to build know-how and evaluate boundary conditions or feasibility. Furthermore, this serves the evaluation of new business models by the underlying technology in collaboration with the respective business unit.
An SAP administrator has the task of controlling a company's SAP system and ensuring its proper functioning. He/she maintains and monitors SAP applications and is also responsible for their development.

This step is of fundamental importance for the SAP basis. It concerns both the inward-looking perception described in the marketing & self-understanding recommendation and the outward-looking perception in the form of a mission and vision.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes many tasks in the area of the SAP basis much easier.

Regular verification of role assignment is called recertification.

The website offers many useful information about SAP basis.

This is what the future of SAP looks like, and I look forward to an exciting journey.
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