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Automatic determination of delta states after SAP system copy/recovery
Consideration of additional QA clients
Table splitting reduces the risk of losing a lot of time during export in case of an error. When restarting, the complete table does not have to be exported again, but only a subset. Simultaneous processing of a table by several R3load processes can reduce the total runtime for this table.

Quasi tick boxes instead of time-consuming handling of programming lines, so that the use is also possible for less experienced experts who have never or only few SAP system copies created. And this after little system training.
SAP upgrade: Before a very extensive SAP upgrade, you may want to test the run and analyze any errors that occur, especially if the development and test systems are not allowed to be down for too long. In that case, it's best to do this on a system copy.

Also of increasing relevance to companies is the rapid provision of test data or systems in different data centers or in the cloud. A modern test data solution can implement these requirements in a largely automated manner, reducing manual effort, lowering the susceptibility to errors, and saving time and money.

With "Shortcut for SAP Systems" you get additional functions for the SAP system copy.

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The suite idea has established itself here as well as in many other software areas.

The first tools for SAP system copy creation came from the mainframe environment.
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